Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Post on Why I Can't Post

I have a friend that does something similar. A call to tell me they can't call. It always cracks me up but it also let's me know that they care and they were thinking of me.
So, a post on why I can't post.
I've gone away to my happy place. The place that refills my soul, refreshes my energy and refocuses my attentions. It's wonderful but as I'm finding out, I can't post a picture from my phone can't post a picture from here.
So, its our first official post without a picture. Woohoo! Strike up the band. Get the chorus singing.
My lack of picture is not because I don't have something to share. In fact, I have lots of somethings. 254 somethings to be exact. The weather has been terrific. The sun is still the soft spring light and everything around me a vibrant green. It doesn't get much better for a photographer. I'll be sharing plenty soon enough.

BigDan is joining us again tomorrow! Woohoo! I'm sure he'll do better than my nothingness.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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