Monday, November 22, 2010

Burger's the size of puppies!

So it's confession time. Sometimes here at 3C1D, I shoot photos and look for a connection later. In fact, I've even admitted to it here. Most of the time it works well. After all, Brandi and I have already decided we are twins somehow mysteriously separated at birth. But this time, I'll admit, the connection is tenuous at best. The truth is that I'm just not able to do a lot of leg work and I felt compelled to post this photo simply because the burger was HUGE!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
Shutter Speed 1/30
ISO 400
Natural Light

This is a place called Jack 'N Grill. It's a restaurant in Denver that was made famous on the show "Man Versus Food." In that episode, the host attempted to eat a 7 pound breakfast burrito. Naturally, when I decided to visit my sister in Denver for Thanksgiving I knew I had to sample this gargantuan concoction. Turns out they have enormous burgers too.

This is my nephew's attempt at eating this burger. He did not quite finish it but I did manage to capture the moment appropriately.

The bad news for me is I had to use an ISO setting of 1600 and an aperture of f1.4. The result is the noise and general softness. It's unfortunate but it's what I had to do.

Okay, I'm going to keep this short because I'm in the middle of cooking and I gotta get back to it. Thanks for checking in and I promise to try and connect a little better next time.


PS - The 7 pound burrito is bigger than it is tasty. It was still very good and the record for finishing it in one sitting is held by a woman and she ate it all in 28 minutes!


  1. On a major food week, I feel nauseous. Your nephew is a brave soul.

  2. Oh my! I'm pretty sure that's way bigger than a pup. That may be a two or three pupper right there.
    That woman that ate the burrito isn't coming to dinner is she? My ham only weighs 8 Lbs.

    Good Grief Gluttony! What's gone wrong with America that we now have a TV show promoting and glorifying our lack of portion control. Hello America we have a battle of the bulge occurring here.
    See Scott what your photo has done. I'll be ranting all night - THANKS!
    Just kidding and good job with the lighting you were in.

  3. I particularly like the position of his eyes... it adds a little intrigue into the picture. what's he looking at? What is he thinking about? Even though the burger is a huge element of the picture, is there something outside of the frame that he is curious about?

  4. It looks like he's trying to eat s bean bag chair! Did your nephew's jaw come unhinged like a boa in order to stuff that thing in?

    Sorry to hear of your travel troubles. Glad to see you are still trying to enjoy your trip.