Tuesday, November 23, 2010

That is sick

The tie that binds Scott's photo yesterday and mine today is that both will make you sick.

Nikon d40 kit lens
ISO 200
aperture f/11
shutter speed 1/15sec
manual, natural light

Nauseous yet?

I've been lamenting about being off my mojo in my photography lately. I've whined about it quite a bit actually. Today I set out in search of my mojo.
I searched my yard, no luck.
I searched my car, not there either.
In the end I found it hiding at a local park.

Somehow I decided that climbing on a tire swing in the rain and spinning myself around while taking photos would be a good idea. I must have lost my mind while looking for my mojo.
My stomach recovered sometime around dinner time even though these were taken at lunch time.

I should share with those of you that are actually interested in attempting this photo, the key to making this photo work was the cloudy sky. If it had been full sun I would not have been able to get my f-stop to f/11 (allowing for the tire to stay in focus) while slowing my shutter speed so you could see the spin in the mulch below.

Have fun, go play, and get sick.


  1. Great shot! I have, had no luck with those kinds of movement shots, but yours turned out beautifully.

  2. HELLO Mojo... You deserve a mojito or a pepto bismol.
    I really love the COLOR and the movement!!!

  3. You out did yourself this time B. With what you had to go through to get this shot I would expect to see Scott's name tagged to it. Tough shot, awsome out come!

  4. You just induced a seizure in my cerebelum.

  5. I love the motion here. Just outstanding. For the record Scott, I would NEVER have done this. Massive "tossing of cookies" would have endues. No thanks you!