Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Peas in a Pod

Cannon PowerShot SD790is (Elph)
Duck tape
ISO 80

This ties in with the last two posts - Irresistible babies and dogs...

I believe I'm at the desperate stage now. I'm feeling done with the iphone camera and my little broken Elph can't focus up close at all. I have to squeeze the camera to get correct contacts inside to keep it operating. It's actually held together with DUCK TAPE ! It lost it's end on one side and it's poor guts were all visible to the naked eye. I did an emergency tape job. She doesn't quite focus like she used to - but if you baby her, she'll work - sometimes. I have to stand way back then zoom in via photoshop later. It's pretty much the same as my iphone in capability (or lack there of).

Today's post is of our three baby Frenchies (French Bulldogs). They are 13days old, just starting to open their eyes and talking in their crazy wild dreams. How does something that has never even seen daylight have chasing dreams? Their feet are going and they're barking at something. I really want to see what they're chasing or what's chasing them.

I'm going to checkout the new Powershot seeing how awesome Amanda Post was with the glass art. It will step up to the plate while I figure out a solution for a big camera.
I see they are very reasonably priced and are great little, very capable cameras.
Stay tuned,


  1. I'm sorry for your camera troubles! The Powershot is a great little P&S and it is pretty cheap as far as cameras go. i love these little puppys. I want to cuddle them and love them,... and hand them back! Lol!

  2. Aww they are only a few days younger then my husky litter. I will probably spotlight them at some point. I'm thinking santa hats or something if I can make it work. They are fat and lazy right now, not moving too much even though their eyes are open. Nice job with the broken camera. Nice close up and not too much to distract from the cuties. Like it!