Friday, December 10, 2010

Faces Friday with Jay'me

no flash
ISO 400

I love killing two birds with one stone. I know not the Christmas passage you think should accompany this shot right? Well I didn't kill any birds at all. I was going to get our next photo for our new 2010 ornament and Christmas Cards AND new photo for Faces Friday (are you counting 3 also) Well, sometimes mama bears let their cubs sled too long and they get too tired and cranky to be good little models.

So I was setting up the tripod while they were moaning and groaning and I said "Forget it guys, We'll do it tomorrow!" They thought I was sick or something. But happy to not have to dress up in their Sunday finest and take direction for the next half hour or so.
There was the shot staring right at me. I give you a photo of the last two years past. It's a tradition I've started and think everyone with kids (or pets) should try. The kids LOVE them and so do I.
So you may be thinking that's not Mr Duck Taped Cannon elph, nor is that her iphone 3, You're right that's my old Cannon EOS Rebel XT with a new battery and and same old broken lens. She kicks butt comparing to my other options, but she does need to be moving along. So all of you good kids, not on the naughty list, tell Santa that Jay'me would really love an upgrade...

This photo is straight off my camera. I used a tripod. yes that's broken too. Trooper Jay'me wraps her camera strap tight to stabilize it, because the screw is missing. I worked in manual and turned off the flash. Manual focus allowed me to focus on the color ornament in the center and deeper in the tree.
I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE it! Seeing those happy faces literally brought tears to my eyes. The picture is classic, timeless, soft and full of warmth and love. It makes me feel like I'm sitting in your living room sipping a coffee and listening to the kids play. Beautiful.