Monday, December 6, 2010

The Unusual

Brandi again... sorry. Our poor Jay'me has a technology black cloud following her around. I received this a short time ago.

Alright we have no Internet. I thought for sure my darling husband would come home and fix EVERYTHING. Sob... it didn't happen.
I took this today thinking it was a welcome yet strange sight like the decked out Santa.
This is the first bio diesel I have seen and it's at a BP. It was a good .50 more expensive then reg gas.

iPhone 3
ISO 100

Good thing through the magic of cell phones I was able to get her picture.
Jay'me you are a SUPER TROOPER!

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  1. We've had bio-diesel down around us for awhile now, but yes it usually is more expensive then regular gas which makes no sense because it does not cost more to produce. I should know being married to a farmer. We like the idea of bio-diesel around here, although unfortunately I'm not sure we can go completely bio-diesel unless you can get more acres to farm. Anyway nice shot, sorry about the technical difficulties what a pain!