Monday, December 20, 2010

Hold on Tight-So Very Tight!

Cannon Rebel XT

Reflection reflections reflections... When we take photos, we hope to use them to reflect upon later... right. Capture memories to savor later, stop time, hold on tight to the moment.

This time of year is when we really reflect on a the year about to become last year. We work hard at making GOOD memories with the ones we love. (at least we should be). Those of us blessed with children try to get those precious shots and wish we could stop time. I want them to grow up and be happy adults, just not so darn fast!
This photo is of my six year odl Maddie.
We enjoyed a brunch with Santa (YES ! She still believes ! ) Maddie was so polite and chatty with Santa. Sniffle, sniffle please let me remember her little mickey mouse voice.
Take lots of pictures and Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, and the Happiest of Holidays to All!

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This ones for you Reese...
Now don't you go falling in love with her Clark, 'cause I'm taken her with me when we leave here next month. Christmas Vacation ROCKS!
Thank you,


  1. I love the softness of the photo. Complements the outfit and the feeling of the post completely. What a wonderful picture of our sweet Maddie Girl. Now I'm all sniffly too.

  2. Such a pretty face Jay'me. The photo is good but I think your better work is Maddie. Thanks for sharing.