Sunday, December 19, 2010

Red and White Puppy

Hi, Sere here and I have to apologize to everybody. I missed my day completely. I was taking care of an injured puppy and just completely forgot about my post. So needless to say I did not get out yesterday with my camera except to take a quick picture of my puppies. So that is the picture that you get today. Luckily my puppies are considered red and white so it actually fits with Brandi's red bellhopper photo.

Nikon D2X
Aperture F/16
Shutter Speed 1/60 of a second
18-200mm lens at 100mm
Nikon Speedlight 400 Flash

No post processing at all. This little guy is my only male and a stinker. He had crawled up the side of the basket he was in and had crashed at the very top of the pile of towels. Now remember his eyes are not open yet, so he did all of this blind. He was looking for mom I'm sure. Enjoy!

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