Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's Sunday evening and do you know what time it is....
It's time for Brandi to introduce you to a new guest poster. Gather around kiddos you're in for a real treat.

Everyone I want to introduce you to my friend Jen. Jen was the first friend I made after my family moved from Iowa to Illinois when I was 3. I refuse to tell you how long it's been but let's just say it been a LONG time.
Jen gave me the freedom to "write anything I want". Heehee silly, silly girl. She should know me better than that.

Jen is a child psychologist by profession but her real passion is for running. For as long as I can remember Jen has been running in marathons. She's one of the nutty people that gets up at the ugliest hour of the day and runs 13miles just to "get started". When she's not running she's finding the best cupcakes around, traveling the world (usually following Dave Mathews Band), and taking photos of everything along the way.
Being relatively new to the photography game Jen got her Nikon D40 (copy cat) about a year ago. She's taken some pretty gorgeous photos with it including this one of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Nikon d40 kit lens
aperture f/6.3
shutter speed 1/160
ISO 200

Jen's tie in is actually to my post on Friday, Sere's photo wasn't posted yet when Jen sent this to us. The tie in is the reflection. Reflection in the water or reflection in the true meaning of the holiday season. It's all reflection. Posting this for one of my oldest and dearest friends has given me a chance to reflect on our unique friendship. I'm so very lucky to have her in my life and being able to share a mutual love for photography... priceless.

Jay'me is up tomorrow. You all have until she posts to enter your name in the guest poster contest from last Wednesday. Just click here and put your name in the comment section. will select a winner when Jay'me posts tomorrow.

Thanks for playing Jen. And thanks to all of you for joining along in the fun.



  1. The ripples on the water are a bit seductive. If I saw my own reflection, I'd probably go in after it.

  2. Cool shot Jen! That would make a great puzzel.

  3. Awesome shot Jen! I love the reflections and as the resident sailor, I appreciate the overall feel of it. Takes me to a happy place. Thanks for the post!