Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Favorite Old Friend

Cannon Rebel XT
Natural lighting
ISO 400

Well, I really couldn't wait for my hubby to come home tonight. Not only did I miss him while he was away having fun with his brother last week, but I needed this shot for you! I really wanted to catch a string vibrating but his hand was too blurry when I attempted that. The ties to yesterdays shot are obvious.
My hubby comes home most nights and unwinds not only himself, but all of us with a few tunes. This guitar fills our house and makes his presence a welcome sound of security. Daddies home and he's happily relaxing with us. Next to them all laughing, Its' one of my favorite things...
Good night, sweet tunes,


  1. I was hoping for this. Great job Jay'me. Classic, beautiful and heartfelt.
    Did Mark get a manicure while on his trip? ;)

  2. This is beautiful! I love the lighting and the story.

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  4. Well done J. I love how you filled the frame. And once again you've made it a joy to follow your post. My head is exploding with ideas!

  5. This was the shot that I was wanting. But of course since I am the one playing the guitar I can't take a picture of my own hands. So thanks! Well done!