Monday, February 28, 2011

Our New Toy

My family and I were in St. Louis this past Saturday picking up this beauty and a HUGE toolbox for my husband's shop. I mean not like a normal size toolbox, but an extra size one. St. Louis is where we drive to when we want to get some city visiting done, since it has everything and is a fairly short drive for us (well if you consider 2.5 hours short to get to a city haha). If anybody would like to guess what this is (pretty easy) and/or what kind this is (maybe a little more challenging) I would love to hear your guesses.

Nikon D90
Aperture F/4.5
Shutter 1/800 sec.
50mm focal length 18-70mm lens
One off-camera flash

I decided that I would practice some more of my still-life photography to go with Scott's still-life picture. Not sure if that is a photography term or just an art term but it makes sense to me. I don't photograph still-life stuff very often so it was interesting to work with lighting and how to set the objects up to make them look good and get a good shot of them. I don't "see" shots like this very easily so it was a challenge. This one and one other were the only two that I liked out of the several shots that I took. But as we all know practice makes perfect and more practice is needed. Hmmmm I think I will need to remember that here while playing with this baby (pray I don't get too frustrated and throw the thing against a wall)! Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone with this in more ways then one.

Hope you all try to step out of your own comfort zones in life!


  1. Looks like a Gibson Les Paul...


  2. Am I allowed to guess? Hehe

  3. Of course Myndi!! Go for it!

  4. Fender, as in guitar, not vehicle...

  5. Mark got it right!! Congrats Mark! It is a Gibson Les Paul Studio (I think I am saying that right). It's really beautiful and sounds great!!