Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tickling the ivories

I'm loving music week on 3C1D. I've always dreamed of being musically inclined. A singer with a beautiful, haunting voice, a classical guitarist or maybe a funky blues singer so I can wear sequins.
Spotlights, crowds cheering my name, camera lights flashing... Sounds kind of cool.

I was not destined to be a musician though. Even my 3 year old will say "Mommy, please stop singing. You ruining the song." when I sing along in the car.

What's that saying
Those that can't take pictures?
Something like that anyways...

Nikon D40 kit lens @48mm
ISO 200
Shutter speed 1/160sec
Aperture f/5.6
natural light

I decided I wanted something classic and simple for today. No bells and whistles just clean lines. This is my daughters keyboard. I converted it to a warm black and white to take away the plastic-y look (it's a kids toy what do you expect).
I've also been wanting to play with texture. I think if done right texture can add some depth to a photo. I might have been a little too tentative in adding the texture to this picture. Tell me what you think. I would also LOVE any links to tutorials on how to properly add texture to a picture.

Tomorrow is Friday kids! Almost time for the weekend. Scott will be back with another picture to help out a traveling Sere.
Drive safe Sere. I know your camera(s) will be firing non-stop on your journey. Bring us back some sunshine pictures.

See you guys soon.

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  1. I totally couldn't tell it was a toy piano, one day we will combine our musical talents of off pitch singing and tour the world. Well I can actually rock the piano, so that leaves you being the lead singer. I think it is great picture, no advice on the texture I haven't opened that can of worms yet. Happy Friday!!