Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green for Me Please

Jay'me served up another softball! Just to be sure, I mean that as a compliment. I simply LOVE green and water - and she gave me both! Rock on chicka!

This is a picture of a head of cabbage. I had just washed it and the the sun coming through the window just looked too cool to not photograph. I was particularly drawn to the magnifying effect the droplets have. The only thing I didn't do was set-up my tripod. It was magic hour and I didn't think it had enough time.

Canon 30D
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 (yes, that's all I've been using lately. Whatcha gonna do about it?!?!)
Aperture f/8.0
Shutter 1/400
ISO 400

I actually tried to go outside this afternoon to shoot outdoors (what a novel idea!) but I forgot it was still winter and was completely unprepared for the cold. I took one shot and high tailed it for the warmth of my Subaru. Funny how 37 degrees feels SO much colder after you've had a sniff of 65. What the Hell!

Anyway, were I to do this over, I would use an even smaller aperture, employ my tripod, and set the ISO speed to 100. All of which would have improved the quality, mostly in regards to noise and sharpness. Oh well. I know where I can get cabbage so maybe some other day. For now, I'm content with this.

Get your guesses in for WW! There's still time!



  1. Who knew cabbage could be so beautiful?
    Is it weird that I see a face in this picture? A face that appears to be giving me the side-eye. I might have issues.