Sunday, April 17, 2011

American Pride

My first thought when I saw Scott's picture was to play around with a deck of cards. Not sure why, but his guy reminded me of the jack or king of something. But my plans fell through and I wasn't home enough today to try that thought out. Then we were at church this evening and there was discussion about how far off base America has gotten with different things. I remembered this series of shots that I had taken with the American flag a week or so ago. It made me think about how even with its mess ups I still love this country.

But before I get to my picture I need to take care of Wordless Wednesday. I would love to welcome MamaLou back with us. So if you could contact us and let us know when you would be able to post we would enjoy seeing what you have to show us.

My connection was little ones and faces. I LOVE spring babies! That little guy was about 3 days old when I took that picture. He's about twice the size now that he was then. I have a few flowers that were blooming and I really wanted to get spring baby with spring flowers for the shot. So I took baby away from mom for a few minutes to take a couple of shots and then went back and swapped out one baby for another until I thought I had a shot that I liked. I ended up with a few smushed flowers and some cute puppy pics for my work. Moving on, here is my picture for today.
Nikon D2X

Aperture F/7.1

Shutter Speed 1/500 sec.

Lens 18-70mm at 70mm

No Flash, Natural Lighting, Polarizing Filter

For whatever reason the beautiful red flowers with the flag caught my attention at this little park, in this little town of literally like 50 people near my house. It was a windy day, so the flag was just flapping all over the place, but the sky was just soooo blue. I just had to take some pictures so while all the passerbys watched I was laying on the ground, kneeling, moving my body into some nice contortionists positions to see what shots I could get. It was great fun! My connection to Scott's picture would be a part of the main focus running off the camera. In this case it would be the flag pole.

Now I am ready to shut my phone off and chill with my honey.

Take Care!



  1. A gorgeous piece of small town Americana. I'm with you on the deck of cards, by the way. :)
    This picture really makes me want to plan a Washington DC trip for next years cherry blossom festival. Anyone want to go?

  2. Oooh I've always wanted to go to DC for the cherry blossoms, it's on my bucket list, along with Texas bluebonnet season. Anyway you know if I can figure out a way to make it work, I am always up for a road trip/vacay. And I haven't ever been to DC yet.