Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow Pants - REALLY?

Nikon D40
f 4.3
ISO 400

Under this iciness lay a gorgeous rose like apple blossom trying to develop. As much as I love that my kids were excited to play in the snow before their busses came, I really hope that these blossoms are okay. The tulips are a good 5 inches tall, my husband mowed the lawn yesterday, and I feel ready for yard work (sort of). Yesterday Maddie and Katie played in the sand and made a sand cake. a half hour ago Maddie made a snow snake- NO JOKE!
I'm loving my new camera. I still need a class to improve my skills and up my knowledge.
Below is the swing that will have to wait another day, I almost chose this because of Sere's post. Not really sure why the composition is so opposite and it's not exclusive to America.
I had to post about the weather - sue me.

Nikon D40
f 4.1
natural light
ISO 400


  1. Over it kids! I'm so totally over snow!
    Laying in bed this morning listening to the snowy sleet pellets hit my window I thought "I want a picture of a tulip with snow on it." Thanks for going out and getting something for me Jay'me. I just couldn't make myself.
    And you naughty girl with your two pictures. I'm going to get out the paddle. Wait, nevermind... :)

  2. Wow, I didn't know anyone was still getting snow. But I live in Florida, so I don't really pay attention to that. I love the picture of the blossom!

  3. Wow! Snow, really??? We're cold but not that cold. Brrrr and yuck! Although the picture is pretty neat. The contrast between spring blossoms and the ice. It's crazy though, our trees are already blooming with green and baby leaves and you guys up there are just beginning that. Amazing what a few hundred miles can do.

  4. Ok, I loved waking up this morning, opening the blind and seeing the beautiful snow. I even taped my son clearing the snow off his car. I really love your photos. Thanks, Sherri (Brandi's Mom)

  5. It was story book BEAUTIFUL this morning around here wasn't it ?
    Thank you for your comments!