Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is a photo from the achieves. Not because I didn't want to or couldn't take a picture today but because the moment I saw Jay'me's picture, I thought of this shot.
Don't ask me why, the only link is the sports, but I knew I had to share this here tonight.

Nikon D40
The rest is a mystery because the exif data is missing from the this picture on my external drive. hmmmm....

This is my late husband Scott, throwing a frisbee to my younger (and much bigger) brother Justin. This was the day Scott got home from a 3 month stay at Rush University Medical Center, August 15, 2008.

It was a happy, wonderful, beautiful day. I hope your Easter is equally as wonderful tomorrow. Mary Lou is going to be joining us again. Can't wait to see what she gives us. It's always a treat.

Hoppy Easter Everyone!


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  1. I've always liked this shot. I love where you caught the frisbee in it. A wonderful day.