Sunday, May 1, 2011

Did someone say FUZZY ?

Fuzzy Wuzzy waz a Buzzy Busy Bee and boy is he neat!
Macro, Marco, where art thou ?

Moving target ✔ Manual setting ✔ Quick on the draw ✔ Someone happy with herself ✔

Nikon D40
f 11.0
Natural light
ISO 200

The Story:
Picture this, Easter Morning we arrive at the in-laws. Hurriedly (hidden Easter eggs await) I carried all the cards, bags, coats, camera bag, and Mark carried two potted flowers from the kids for Grandma towards their door. No sooner did he step around the side of the car the Fuzzy Wuzzy there was swarming like flies on s**t. I say "STOP!", drop everything and start digging out Nicky Nikon. "Just Hold Still And Let Him Land!" Kids are waiting as if they have to wet their pants or somethings and I'm not giving in! It's my Easter too! Luckily Mark (my hubby) is excited about the shot too. He just stood there and let him pick a flower. I got off four shots before he was gone! Holy crap - this story is over.
P.S. Thanks for the advice today Scott...


  1. Love the shot!!! Beautiful! Nice catch, especially on such a busy morning haha.