Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Knew ?

Maple trees have beautiful bell flowers.

Nikon D40
F 9.0
Natural light
ISO 200

I love Sere's soft angelic towers of blue bells. I however, am feeling blind as bat lately and am loving as much detail as possible. I see in soft mode without my "cheaters" all the time. I'm the girl that may buy a huge magnifying glass to study stuff. I'll be like a sleuth running around checking stuff out. I WANT A MACRO LENS!!! I may never go wide or landscape again. My fellow bloggers may have to slap me straight if I get a macro lens. I'll be photographing mold and grains of sand.
I nabbed this shot in passing as I followed my daughter who was yelling "Take a picture of this mama bird sitting on her eggs!". I got the mama Killdeer shot too!
As for the Maple "Flower"; Isn't it worth clicking on to enlarge? Tinker Belle probably already knows that these are the perfect shade of green and the perfect shape! I cant wait for my fireworks of flowers. We may not have that many but they are worth waiting for! This little bloom reminds me of 4th of July in the sky. And it's the perfect opener for a great show.
I hope everyone enjoyed some fresh air and sunlight today. I highly recommend taking your shoes off planting you feet in the grass with your face towards the sky and letting your soul stretch towards the sun. The sun will hug you back today! The air will make you feel alive, I swear!

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