Monday, May 2, 2011


We've got a guest photographer today. I want everyone to meet Sara. She was the winner of Scott's wordless Wednesday.
Everyone give Sara a warm 3C1D welcome.

A little from Sara in her words...

I didn't get quite what I was hoping for but one decent shot of the bunch will do, especially when the model grows weary of being the subject of meticulous instructions ("Smell the flower, honey!") and apparently doesn't want to get her knees dirty in the dirt (after picking up trash and planting in the woods at school all afternoon). If it looks to you like my daughter is rolling her eyes at me, I think you might be right. The tie-in is the flower. It's red of course. You can't see it but there are yellow tulips right beside it. Of course, the red is her favorite so I went with it. But she is wearing yellow so the color ties in, too.
The project definitely bred discontent with my current camera. I used a point and shoot, the Canon Powershot (and not even a new one) with a trigger that's retrofitted with a paperclip. I'm hoping a new camera is in my near future. We'll see! Thanks for letting me play today! Sara

Boy we can relate to the unwilling model and the working by sheer will camera. Thanks so much for playing with us Sara. We hope you can join us again soon.
Go on over to Sara's blog and check her out.

Want to play with us too. We promise it's easy. Go here and make a comment. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just say pick me and maybe I'll pick you. Tomorrow night the winner will be announced.



  1. Fun in the spring sun. Love the softness. I too have that same Powershot with the broken trigger. I call it Mr. Duct-tape because the housing is literally held together with tape. BTW Careful, as you hold the camera by the loop handle, as the whole end case will fall apart.(Very poor design). I have used Mr. Duct-tape for several posts here, for a little guy he takes a nice picture! Welcome to the party and have a great day!

  2. Ha, I just noticed now that you can't even see she is wearing yellow. Oh well. But: "honey" ... I didn't even do that on purpose. :)

  3. She's adorable! I love girls smelling flowers pictures. So classic and girly. Thanks for joining us and I hope we will see more of you.

  4. She has golden-yellow blonde hair! This is sweet. Welcome to my favorite pastime...