Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jay'me is right

"I hope everyone enjoyed some fresh air and sunlight today. I highly recommend taking your shoes off planting you feet in the grass with your face towards the sky and letting your soul stretch towards the sun. The sun will hug you back today! The air will make you feel alive, I swear!"

Jay'me ended her post yesterday with the above statement. In strange coincidence (the universe screaming) my daughter was doing this exact thing while Jay'me was writing about it.

Yesterday was my daughters 4th birthday. Every year on her actual birthday her dad and I would take her to Main Beach, a local beach on a lake. We would play, take pictures and enjoy the beginnings of spring. Taking special time to remember all the special moments that brought our daughter to life.
Kate and I spent the day at the beach as usual. It was her first birthday since her fathers passing. Instead of devoting all of time to thinking about her birthday, we spent most of it remember wonderful thoughts of my husband.

He was with us yesterday. Giving us just enough glorious sun to enjoy our time at the beach.

I'm really glad that I was shooting in raw for this picture. Harsh, changing lighting conditions made this photo really tough. Being able to recover some of the blown (or lost) detail in the sky during editing really makes the photo a success.

I hope your spending the day reaching toward the sky.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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