Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An All-American Girl by Sere

In keeping with our All-American theme this week....

Nikon D2X
ISO 400
Aperture F10
Shutter 1/20 sec.
Lens 14-24mm at 22mm
natural lighting, no flash
I used a skylight filter to give the picture a little extra warmth

When I thought about America this past week, beyond the flag and heroism of our soldiers I thought about what they were fighting for. This picture, to me, is part of what our soldiers fight for, what firefighters and policemen as well want to protect. An adorable girl, I'll call her M, cooking marshmallows on a homemade literal stick to make S'Mores around a campfire on a beautiful evening.

I decided to do some quick research on the history of S'Mores. S'Mores are about as American as apple pie. They even have their own unrecognized holiday, August 10. Nobody knows for sure when they came about, but it was roughly around the 20th century, probably created by some bored camper. The first known recipe was in a Girl Scout handbook, named because the girls kept asking for "some more" and it eventually became shortened to s'more. I think we all can appreciate their love for this ooey, gooey treat.


  1. Is it wrong that I want to tackle this little cutie and steal her marshmallow?
    Probably is isn't it? Oh well, I've never been big on right or wrong.

    A beautiful end of summer photo. Way to freeze time for that little girl. A warm, end of day glow on a happy face. Gorgeous!

  2. That's my girl! Marshmallow in her hair an all! We had such a great time that night. We need to do it more often!

  3. Such a cute face. Nice work Sere! And yes, it's probably wrong B. That's okay, it just means we need to make some s'mores one last time before summer ends.