Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Faces - Who did Brandi find?

I am a girl. I have a girl. We play princess and paint our nails. We don't play skateboard. I don't own a skateboard, though my brothers and I had one growing up until we left it out (for the 1,000th time) and it got run over. Bye, bye skateboard.
What I'm trying to say here is following Scott's photo posed a few dilemmas.

It's Friday Faces so I needed skaters and they had to have cute faces. I totally lucked out when I went to the local skate park this afternoon.
I met two of the cutest boys in town.
Everyone meet Nick and Nate.

Nikon d40
ISO 200
1/1000 sec

I had the hardest time trying to pick from all the photos I took of these photogenic boys. In the end I went with a photo of the two of them together. It's certainly not the best photo of the bunch but I couldn't possibly play favorites. I adored them both so much.
Both boys were such troopers. They showed me all their tricks and even made up a few on the spot for me all while remembering to look at the camera. Such a delight.

Nick and Nate,
Thank you for being such delightful, hysterical young men. It was a pleasure meeting you both. Keep up the hard work boys and you'll both be doing crazy mad flips and tricks in no time. I'll see you out on the half pipe soon.
Props to you both,

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