Monday, September 13, 2010

An American Classic - by Brandi

Nothing says America like...

Nikon D40
1/10 sec
f4.0 @ 38mm
ISO 400
natural light

When I saw Kristen's (How awesome is it to have a different name?) photo I felt very American. There are a few things that instantly come to my mind when I think of things that symbolize America. Baseball, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, aviation, apple pie (which I baked and is currently cooling) and Harley Davidson.
This particular type of Harley emblem has a ceramic center (the star part). The ceramic emblem has been attached to the fuel tanks of select Harley's since the 1950's. Talk about iconic.

Photographing a chrome emblem such a this poses all sorts of challenges. Getting a photo without getting all the colors of the surroundings is the hardest of those. To minimize this I used the white side of the reflector to block the space behind me. I also decided that while this emblem has a silver background I needed to convert the entire photo to black and white in Photoshop during post processing.
The black and white conversion allowed me to blend out some of the "shadows" with ease.

This photo may not be red, white and blue but like Kristen's it makes me feel very American.


  1. Nice job Brandi! Great idea with the Harley and you're right - 100% American! And it had to be fun following someone else. I hope Kristen guesses again in the future!

  2. I see you and the button on your sweater! Crisp and sparkly, I likey likey. Like a piece of jewelery and frame-able art.
    Depending on Sere I think I may have my shot! Crossing my toes...