Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Action by Sere

Skateboarding you all had to do skateboarding haha. I live in the middle of nowhere, we do football we don't do skateboarding. The nearest skate park is like an hour away from me. Skateboarding does make me think of action though. Action made me think of sports. I don't do a lot with sports, don't watch and don't really play. My son on the other hand is playing soccer so I thought I would just go and take a few little league soccer shots. No big deal right? I must laugh at myself because everytime I think something is easy, it so is not.

I took, I don't know 100+ shots at this little league game, and all I got was a whole lotta nothin'. What it taught me was that sports photography is a skill that you need LOTS of practice at to be any good and I have not had LOTS of practice. This picture is the photographers fault, not the kids. The kids were great; adorable, moving. I caught all sorts of hilarious poses and faces, but not so much action. So here is the best of the worst, with the understanding that I, Sere, as the photographer, has not had a lot of practice at this style of photography but aim to keep on practicing to get better.

Nikon D2
ISO 800
Aperture F/18
Shutter Speed 1/100 sec.
Lens 18-200mm at 86mm
natural lighting

On a better note I did get a really neat shot of this cool looking spider hanging outside of my house. As long as he stays outside I'm cool with him being around, he gets inside my house and he's a dead spider. Nature photography- okay, Sports photography - not so good.


  1. You crack me up. I miss you so. Please move you, your kid, your husband and your entire farm up here so I can see you more. Thank you for your cooperation.
    So tell me, what will you do differently next time? Did you feel like it was your SS, your lens choice or...? Teach me.

  2. Maybe a little bit of it was shutter speed. But mostly it was just me, not really having a clue how to do it. I was trying to do the blur thing and I either stopped the action or it was a total blur with nothing in focus. I plan to do some research on sports photograhy and see what they tell me because I just really don't know what to do differently next time. Sometimes I wish I could move it all closer to everybody. Hugs!