Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday with Jay'me

Wordless Wednesday Rules
The poster must only post 1 photo and settings. No additional verbiage (other than rules) is allowed.

Commenters (that's you) must comment and guess how the photo associates with the previous (Tuesday) photo. The winning guess gets to be the guest photographer for Sunday.

Kristen was our big winner last week. Congratulations again Kristen!

No previous photography experience required. In fact, wanna-be's like us, are encouraged. The only criteria, you must be able to take a photo (any camera will do), email said photo, allow 3C1D to publish said photo and follow the rules -->
1 guess only per person. All rules strictly enforced with a paddle.

Ready Set GO!!!!!!

Cannon EOS
f5.6 @18mm
ISO 800
manual with natural lighting

*Post assist from Brandi while Jay'me is getting settled in on her vacay! She'll be watching the guesses to see who's "right"*

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  1. American as Apple pie...S'mores
    American flag in the background of wordless wednesday???