Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not Quite a Prairie

Canon 30D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L
Shutter Speed 1/1600
Aperture f/11.0
ISO 400
Aperture Priority
Natural Light

When I left for work today with my gear I had a shot in mind that would have been awesome. There is a prairie on my route that is just spectacular, especially with this fall light. The grasses have that beautiful copper color and the seed literally shimmers. It's a breathtaking sight and I'm dying to capture it with a photo. As you can see, I haven't figured out how to get the shot in my head. Instead, as I was walking around muttering, I nearly stepped on this dandelion. Naturally it's a bit more appropriate in the spring and early summer. But here it was on a crisp fall morning and there I was not getting what I wanted. It was fate - we needed each other.

I was ill prepared for this shot. What I tried to do was blow the seed off the stem as I shot. I even got a couple but the focus was way off. You can see from my settings that I used a 400 ISO setting despite the ample light. This allowed me to use both a high shutter speed (hoping to freeze the act of the seed floating away) and a small aperture (increasing my chance for a sharp image. My undoing was the fact that I had to hold the dandelion with one hand and press the remote shutter with the other all while blowing the seed. Translated, I couldn't see what I was shooting and could only guess. I tried setting up as much as possible but the bottom line is I needed another person or a clamp on a tripod.

You can bet I will try this again next spring with better preparation. It's a shot I know I can get. To the dandelion I say thanks for the bailout and I'll see you in the spring! I promise to really make you shine.



  1. I'm glad you met this little rebel. You made him shine like a crystal ball. Your idea rocks and I can't wait to see that when it happens.

  2. Damn it, I meant to change my Name and continue typing away. Where's my glasses? Yes, the above comment is mine...
    Great shot Scott and love the "Bling" both the shiny seeds and the solor glare spots.

  3. Classic, calming, perfect. I know we had talked about being more critical of each others work to help the other person grow but I'm stuck here. I've thought for 2 days about something I would have changed, or a question but alas, nothing.
    I'll try harder next time :)