Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Amy!

Everyone give Amy a warm 3C1D welcome.
Amy is the latest winner of the Wordless Wednesday contest. She made a correct guess on Sere's post here.

A little about Amy by Amy -
A mom of 2, massage therapist, and a person stumbling into mindful living through yoga, qigong, and mediation. I love to read, bake, and now take photos (mostly of my children and whatever catches my eye).

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
18-55mm 3.5-5.6
ISO 200

About the photo - in Amy's words
I added some fill light and saturated the photo to draw out the red in the train. I also tried this photo without flash first and then this one has flash to capture the end of the train. I had a fun day of playing with my camera downtown as I am extremely new to photography. I am currently in a digital photography class and it's only week 2. Prior to that I only used my automatic setting on my Canon Rebel. It is nice to be able to control your photo as I learn how to utilize my camera more.Thank you for allowing me to guest post - it forced me to go out and play with my camera more. This is the train I took home after my adventure came to an end.

Amy, I (Brandi) speak for all the chicks and the dude when I tell you GREAT JOB! Keep going in photography, you have a great eye for composition and we look forward to having you join us again in the future.

Another fantastic day, another beautiful picture to inspire your soul. Live big!

Sere is going to start off the work week with something fabulous, I'm sure.


  1. Nice strong perspective shot with great color and design. How awesome that there's no one mucking up your shot! Did you pay people to stay away? I love the yellow line, 2 green lights, and of coarse the orange stripes. The dark overhang balances the train and it's shadow on the train makes for yet another descending line.
    It's fun to study why it grabs us.
    Very nice job...
    Welcome and thank you!

  2. Amy you did awesome!!! I love the lines of continuation in your photo and the bright red part of the train makes a great contrast to the other less bright colors. Love it! Hope you will be back on here again.

  3. Nice work Amy. It's just awesome having our second guest. And good call on the flash. The reflective surface of the train really needed it. Thanks for posting!