Monday, September 27, 2010

The road goes on and on and on......

I took a look at Brandi's post which got me thinking about music before I went onto Amy's post from Sunday. I want to congratulate Amy on a great photo, we all certainly enjoyed it here on 3C1D and I'm sure you all did as well.

Brandi's Poison song and Amy's train photo got my mind on that old Johnny Cash song "I Heard that Lonesome Whistle".

I was riding number nine
Heading South from Caraloine
I heard that lonesome whistle blow

Very old style, crooner country. I know it's about going to prison and you all can laugh at me that's fine. It brings back memories from my childhood. Besides who can dislike Johnny Cash, he redid a Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt, so awesomely that even non-country people were listening to it. So I listened to that song on You Tube to get me in the lonely train mood. It didn't work so well, but I did have another thought that popped into my head that ended up working.

Nikon D90
Lens 18-70mm at 27mm
ISO 100
Aperture F-8
Shutter 1/160 sec.
Natural Lighting with Sepia filter

When I first saw Amy's post I drew a blank as to how to connect to it. We don't really have trains around here, well except for freight trains and the train tracks are not very interesting and I certainly don't have any cityscapes. I realized that I was going to have look at the details of her photo in order to come up with my connection and very quickly I found it. She has these awesome lines of continuation in her photo. Almost like that train is just going on and on. At first I was like "corn" rows of corn, of which we have tons around here. I took some pictures of corn rows and wasn't liking anything I took. Back to my songs that were floating around in my head and the random thought that popped into my head, remember?

Lonely train songs got me thinking about lonely roads. Don't ask me why, I don't understand myself half the time either. Ah ha, that was going to be my shot! It is more of a personal interest shot then any kind of super technique shot. This is the road going up to my house on which we are literally the only house on the road and at this point in the road it looks like it could go on and on, just like Amy's train. Also the contrast between her city shot and my country shot is pretty stark. I knew immediately that color was not going to work with this shot so I tried it in black and white. It was okay but not quite right. Switched to sepia and voila, it worked!

Can't wait to see what Jay'me has in store for us tomorrow.


  1. Swoon. In love with this photo. There is so much emotion in a photo like this, it makes my soul cry out.
    Love it.

  2. That is a great shot ! Love the composition and color treatment. It's so soft and easy with just a few points of interest to study in the horizon. My wheels are spinning THANK YOU!

  3. Love this one Sere! It has such a vintage, timeless feel and captures the soul of the area around your farm. I can see The Man In Black walking down that road with a guitar on his back. Bravo!

  4. Scott W. that is totally what I was thinking. Maybe not exactly The Man In Black but definately that was the feeling that I was trying to capture. Thank you all! I am just so excited that I was able to effectively capture what I was looking for with this photo.