Friday, October 1, 2010

Friendly Friday Faces

Some of you may know this face. For those of you that don't... this is my dad.
Everyone say "Hi Brandi's Dad!"

Nikon d40 kit lens
ISO 200

My dear friend Scott left me next nothing to tie into for Friday faces.

Thanks Scott, you're the best buddy.

I did manage to find some stray dandelions in my yard so I thought I would capture someone blowing the seeds. I annoyed my husband, my mother and lastly my father. They all obliged with very little complaining and minimal bribery. There was just something about the pictures of my dad that spoke to me. I don't know if it's his blue eyes or the balance of the blue from his shirt but, in the end he won.

Sorry Mom and Hubby, maybe next time.
Dad, stop gloating, it's not nice.

I didn't like any of the photos where he was blowing the dandelion seeds. I, like Scott before me, just couldn't quite capture it the way I wanted to.
Obviously, once I omitted the dandelion from the shot all I had to tie into Scott's photo from yesterday with was the layout of the shot and the bright blue sky.

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  1. I never thought I would say your dad and a dandelion look alike. But side by side the two photos are exact. Of course dad looks way more intelligent and has better eyes! Exchanging sun glare spots for clouds- How did you do that? Super fun! Way to choose the right shot! I thought you did this on purpose, I'd call it "Dandy Dad"!
    OOH! Here's a goofy cliche shot: Once Scott captures his seeds blowing from the dandelion - get the same shot with Dads (previously) trimmed hair blowing in the same direction.
    We may have a fun compositional/layout challenge awaiting us in the future. We could all four have an inspirational shot to go from and see how identical we can make the shots using different subjects and materials. That maybe something neat framed on a wall all together for all four of us to have and share!!!
    Say no more, I'm crazy but having fun!!!

  2. Good work Brandi. And I like that you tied to the composition. I really didn't leave you much to go on. I wonder what a reflector held low to bring out his eyes might have done. I don't know if it would work but I want to see his eyes better. Maybe a little fill flash? The shadows are soft enough. It looks like you waited for a little cloud cover - great idea. Great job!