Saturday, October 2, 2010

For Sere

It's Sere's turn today but she's off enjoying some time in a remote cabin in the woods of northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior. When Sere texted me this information I (Brandi) got to thinking.
Here's an excerpt of what went through my brain...
I'm sorry...

"I never talk on the phone anymore. Everyone just texts. Why don't I talk on the phone more? Because Sere and I can't talk for less than 2 hours, ever.
Should we just skip Sere? Should Jay'me just go on Saturday? Should I post something in Sere's place? Gosh it was fun growing up with Sere. Remember that time we got lost in the woods across the street from her house. Of course, I remember getting lost, I was there. Those woods, I miss those woods. They always have the best color... wait.... the woods... I'll take a picture of the woods. Not a picture by Sere but a picture for Sere. The woods it is."

Nikon d40 kit lens
1/640sec ISO 200
f5.0 19mm

This is a tree just off the street where Sere grew up. It sits at the entrance to a forest preserve where Sere and I, along with another friend of ours, got lost in the woods. Wandering for hours, singing and carrying on as only freshman high school girls can do.

I tried this photo from a few different angles to make it unique. In the end I like the classic presentation cut square to give it a more contemporary feel. That same blue sky that caught my fathers eyes yesterday sets off the beautiful fall foliage.

This isn't a photo that will wow anyone but it's a photo taken from the heart for a woman that I've been blessed to know for so many years. Travel safe Sere.

Jay'me is up tomorrow unless we hear from Amanda, the winner of this weeks Wordless Wednesday.

Wishing everyone a beautiful fall weekend. Spend sometime catching up with an old friend, I just did.


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  1. You have to love fall colors. It's just beautiful walking around this time of year. Something I plan on trying is shooting a similar tree in black and white while using a red filter. This will have he effect of turning reds into brilliant white. It also creates dramatic skies. Anyway, this shot might have handled that well - maybe even making it look infrared. I don't really know as I've not tried it myself yet! Nice work once again B!