Monday, October 4, 2010

First Frost fading fast!

So Sunday kicked my butt as did my camera. It's been misbehaving and I will have to take it in to hopefully get it working properly. The lens is broken and the body is very temperamental... I got this shot a day late (sorry Scott Please post when you're ready). This morning isn't exactly chipper either. I went out to catch the first frost with out socks & shoes. Guess what, I remember what snow feels like... I got this lovely shot of my lawn with our fall decor on our flagstone, birch trees with morning sun peeking through them out of focus in the background. I rushed in loaded them up, clicked onto blogger, cleared to 200 shots off my camera, went back to iphoto and My pictures didn't finalize and were gone! I put the kids on the bus, almost screamed, just to scream, HE HE HE (I'm crazy). The frost was disappearing as fast as I was running. That darn old sun was stealing my pictures!!! I'm still barefoot with my hair disheveled and looking for shady areas getting a little light... I don't care who can see me, I need a shot - YESTERDAY! So, with out any further adieu I give you our first frost fading fast!!!!

Straight off my camera
un-cropped & un-adjusted

Cannon Rebel XT
Aperture Priority
f 25
no flash


  1. J- you never cease to crack me up. I was thinking about photos with the frost this morning too but I just couldn't quite face the cold world. You are braver than I.
    I love those water droplets, I want to poke my finger in them.

  2. Brandi, I love our new Halloween attire!

  3. Thanks J. I was trying for a ghost but my photoshop skills were seriously lacking. Wait until you see the holiday theme I'm working on.