Friday, October 8, 2010

Faces Friday with Jay'me

What a struggle. In three days I have taken over 500 pictures and most of them garbage. Over exposed, under exposed, blurry, or just irrelevant. I've narrowed them down to about five maybe usable pictures. Then sat here staring at them thinking "Not good enough"!
The last few days were splendid, fabulous, and magnificent! The girls I took out to the fields and pond behind us today were charming and delightful. My skills - not so much.

I tried to simulate the color and layout from Sere's post with this "Up the Tree" photo. I played in and out of soft and hard natural light and adjusted my depth of field a lot. I'm figuring out how to adjust more to help myself.
I do like the depth of field in this one. The leaf in the foreground is slightly out of focus as is the background. I need a vitamin and a nap now...

Cannon EOS
No flash
f 5.6
ISO 100


  1. Nice work Jay'me. It's not easy working in manual mode but you learn so much so quickly. Good for you for taking the effort. And since I never responded to your comment concerning a photo date I'm totally in for that. I'd love to share some ideas with you and B (Sere too if we can ever make that work).

  2. Thanks Scott,
    One day next week? T-W-Th. work best. Weekends are about to open up too!

  3. Beautiful picture of Miss M. I love the unique photo angle and the colors and focus came out terrific. You're hard work and dedication came through.
    The lighting is fantastic, you handled the shadows and sun very nicely. Because I know you want to learn, next time have her face the light source (the sun in this case). It will really make her eyes pop.
    Beautiful job Jay'me. You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. What an adorable fadce Love the angle as well. Your lighting was great, you were able to get a few highlights in her hair, as a portrait photographer we love getting those and it's tough without a off camera remote flash. Nice job!

  5. Would love to get together with you guys. But not anytime in the near future unfortunately. I have 2 litters of puppies that are going home in the next couple of weeks and 1 to 2 more litters that I am expecting. Fun but they will keep me busy. I've sent you guys some of my ideas via email, not sure if you guys got them or not, but those are a few things that I've thought about and come up with. Have fun!