Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome Amanda

Hi Gang! Brandi here. Wanted to introduce you all to Amanda. Amanda was the winner of Wordless Wednesday with Jay'me two weeks ago. She's joining us today as our guest photographer.

Here is a little about Amanda in Amanda's words.

My name is Amanda and I have been interested in photography since high
school. I have a wonderful 8 month old and a husband who can be
wonderful too!! I started my blog in June and have been learning and
growing in my skills since with the help and encouragement of blogs
and challenges like 3 Chicks and A Dude.

The skinny on Amanda's photo in her words -
While I was looking at Jay'me's Friday Faces post I panicked a little.
How in the world was I going to find a link that would work with a
picture I took?! And then have it put up among these great
photographer's work and have it be okay!? Then I took a breath and
headed out with a couple of ideas. I was looking up a lot while
walking with my boy and saw this tree and it spoke to me I guess. The
great part it was a gloomy, moody day and it translated into the
picture. Then in post processing I played up that part. So just to
be clear the link between Jay'me's picture and mine is looking up a

Thank you for this fun opportunity,

Here is what you're really after, Amanda's mesmerizing photo -

Canon Powershot A495
Exposure: 1/50 sec
Aperture: f/3.0
Focal Length: 6.6 mm
ISO: 800

After you've posted a comment here telling us your thoughts or feelings on this photo head on over to Amanda's Blog and give her some 3C1D love. She's got some great work over there.

To keep pace on a fantastic weekend we're going to have Dan with another guest photo tomorrow. Sah-weet!


  1. I LOVE the gloomy feel! I call these photos atmospheric and I really enjoy trying to take them. The black and white coloring really brought out the gloomy feeling and all the gnarled roots really made me think of spookiness and Halloween. Great shot!

  2. Hey Amanda! Welcome and fantastic job with this shot! You really have created a mood and I really like your framing. Way to get low and close - it makes the whole photo. And did anyone else notice Amanda did this with a point and shoot? You have proven the point that imagination and skill have more to do with good photography than the right equipment. Thanks so much for your contribution Amanda!

  3. We sure do luck out on having great guest photographers. I would have never thought to try this angle and I would have certainly never made it black and white. But, I love it and I've already found myself looking at trees from a different perspective. The black and white really makes this photo for me.
    So glad you joined us Amanda. I'm now following your blog and I recommend that others do to.

  4. What a nice shot. I can just imagine how much fun you had and how quirky you felt getting up close and personal with this interesting tree. I'm glad you joined in on the fun and hope to hear and see more from you.