Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Myndi!

Clap your hands ladies and gentlemen. Lets give Myndi a warm 3C1D welcome!

Here's a little info on Myndi by Myndi-
I'm married with 3 kids and love my life! I wouldn't say I'm a great photo taker, but hey...I have a camera, and when I think of it, I really like to take photo's.
I'm going to add in that Myndi is 3C1D family. She's actually married to Sere's brother and she's a friend of mine. Weather you're family or a stranger like last weeks winner Amanda, we love equally around here.

Myndi's Inspiration-
This was such a fun experiment! I went out today through our neighborhood and took some pics of what I thought would relate to the Rex in front of all that green. I thought about toys, an animal, like a squirrel just like Brandi thought, anything green, which would be ok...but then I thought about teeth. So, this is what I can up with, the teeth from Rex to the teeth in the Halloween decoration I saw in out neighborhood the evening. I don't photo shop, so this is the pic my camera takes.

And what a great photo it is Myndi. Check it out gang.

Cannon Rebel EOS
aperture f5.6 @ 33mm
shutter speed 1/250 sec
ISO 400

This dude is seriously scary. Thanks so much for joining us Myndi.

Sere's up tomorrow. Can't wait to see where she's going with this!



  1. What a creative connection! Although that is seriously creepy decoration.

  2. Welcome to the gang! And awesome job! Beautiful contrast and so crisp where it counts. Perfect drama for the subject.
    LOVE IT!

  3. Great shot Myndi!! His face and teeth, your focal points were in great focus with a nice blur the rest of the time. Nice job!! Love ya and hug the kids for me!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice work Myndi! I love the connection and the composition is great. I especially love that your cropped the top of his head. It really emphasizes his spooky face. You might want to edit out the white blob in the lower left hand corner but I'm being really picky. Excellent work, like all our guests.