Monday, October 18, 2010


When I first saw Myndi's picture my thought was to see if I could find any Halloween decorations and connect it that way. But honestly, I just never made it into town to do that, so I had to look elsewhere. Here is what I found...

Nikon D2x
ISO 320
Lens: my nifty fifty portrait lens, a fixed 50mm lens
Aperture F/8
Shutter 1/80 of a second
Nikon Speedlight SB-400 Flash
Aperture Priority Mode

I went out to take care of the pups, of which I have four cute little stinkers that are still here. I was watching them play with each other and I had my camera out, just to capture it. When I have pups, I have no shortage of adorable things to take pictures of. As they were playing I realized, hey teeth are for chewing and who is in that chewing stage right now? None other then my four cute stinkers, so there came my connection. At first I tried to take shots of them chewing on things but those didn't turn out so well, neither did the chewing on each other. To blurry for the most part and none that had a real good look at their eyes.

Those of you that know anything about wildlife photography, know that the eyes are what normally makes a great wildlife shot. You don't always have a lot of time to mess around with making everything look "just right" when photographing animals so you have to move fast. Most of the time you have a split second to get that adorable look and in this case I was able to catch it. Oh and you can also see his teeth in this shot as well, which is why I posted this shot instead of the other one that I was thinking about.

Jay'me is up tomorrow and I look forward to her post.


  1. Put him in your car and bring him to me... please! So beautiful. K is going to melt when I show her this picture.
    I love that the little booger has grass hanging from him mouth. A true testament to the fact that when dealing with a live animal you've got to move quickly. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I am a sucker for animals!

  3. Is that a scary werewolf? He's way cuter than any guy from Twilight! Love those cute little puppy teeth and those eyes! Happy healthy pup... Thanks for sharing your booger - He made me smile!

  4. Beautiful eyes - a statement of the obvious I realize. Now this is getting a bit ambitious but I wonder what flash off the camera would have done. If you set-up the flash sort of off the to left on a stand you might have gotten some interesting shadows and texture. It would have needed a fill light or reflector but in a dream world it would be cool to try.

    Dealing with rambunctious puppies is always going to be difficult and I think you handled it beautifully. Excellent work Sere!

  5. Ooooh Scott I totally know where you are coming from with your idea. Off camera would have been fun. I just need to learn how to work my speedlights in commander mode so I can get them to flash remotely. haven't quite gotten that figured out yet. But I need to especially with portrait work. thank you all!