Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For Scott and Brandi

Scott was all about his girls. He loved his family deeply and that was what was most important to him. Brandi is all about enjoying the moments in life, those precious moments with loved ones that keep you sane through lifes cruelty and frustration and sadness. It's the little moments piled one on top of another, captured in our case a lot of the time on our camera, but also those that aren't, that make life bearable and wonderful and worth living. It is in that spirit of these two wonderful people that I am posting this picture. In this case it's not the greatest picture I've taken, but it portrays one of those precious, special moments in life.

It was taken with my Nikon D90 but I am not going to post the settings because to be honest I had it on full auto mode. I'm sorry, I shudder as I write this, but it's the God's honest truth.

I had come up to visit Brandi and Scott and while I was up there I was able to visit with my family. Now I have all boys at my house so girly things like painting toenails and that sort of thing I just don't get to do very often. My wonderful sis-in-law and brother have two adorable girls that she is willing to share with me sometimes so I can do those girly things. In this case, we all sat around chatting, laughing, loving and painting each others toes and fingernails. I was able to paint my niece's toes the color you see here (the top toes in the picture) and on her hands she had one hand a bright purple color and on her other hand a bright blue color. It was one of those precious moments in time that make life worth the pain of living it.

You will be soo missed Scott.

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