Friday, March 18, 2011

My Smiling Fireman

This is Brandon, my "terrible-twos-all-boy" bundle of mischief. He's the sweetest little guy and yet lately, I'm thinking more like he's the son of Satan! Sometimes they just know how to push your buttons (can I get an amen parents?). Today was one of those days. From the word go Brandon was pushing buttons at the speed of a court recorder. But then I said to him "want to help me take a picture?" and he immediately turned into a professional model. Seriously, I'm thinking of calling Baby Gap. What kid does this? I literally said "let's get your fireman hat and some nice smiles for Daddy." And that's exactly what he did! So once again I'm forced to admit that he's a pretty awesome kid. And let me point out that he's got his head completely craned back because his daddy can't take a normal shot (what of it?). Typical of good models, he didn't complain.
Canon 30D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, focal length at 42
Aperture f/2.8
Shutter 1/60
ISO 400
Natural light from window

My connection is fairly obvious in that I connected with the fire theme. The funny thing is that Brandon insists on wearing it backwards, which is hysterical when you see it. Talk about your over-sized brims! Furthermore, my connection is that Brandon never failed to put a smile on Scott's face when we'd visit. Like the music he loved so much, Brandon made Scott happy. He has that ability, just like Scott did, to make people smile.

I'm sitting here wondering if it's appropriate to still mention Scott on this blog and I realized the biggest thing I've learned from Scott and Brandi is that thoughts, emotions, and feelings are not something to be ashamed of. The very things that make us human are the most beautiful. Our joys and happiness are great. But so too are sorrow and pain. We all have these emotions and when it's shared, it's beautiful. So I'm mentioning Scott because I'm still thinking about him and the time we spent together. I love thinking about the jokes we shared. I love that every time I saw Scott he complimented me on my 2 boys. I love that I was able to make him his favorite dessert. I simply love that I got to know him in the short time we spent together.

When I look at Brandon I will be reminded of Scott for a long time. They were buds. And frankly, I have to keep an eye on Brandi - I think she wants to steal him! All kidding aside, I know our audience is by and large either friends of the Witts directly or has read Brandi's blog. So you'll understand that we chicks and dude are wrestling with last weeks events. Bear with us and we'll be back to our normal antics in no time. Until then, here's to you Scott. You will always be remembered fondly by this dude and his little hellion.


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