Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunset Meanings

I love sunsets! Sunsets are so different depending upon where you are in the world and the time of year. People attribute many different meanings to sunsets when they watch one, depending upon their mood, time of life, and who they are. Sunsets can mean the ending of a day, maybe promise of another day, riding off into the sunset of living happily ever after, to show someone God's beauty at what he has created or maybe it is just the different wavelengths of light that create the different colors that you see in the sky. However you choose to view sunsets, they are pretty spectacular to see.

Nikon D90
Aperture F/8
Shutter Speed 1/500 sec.
18-70mm @ 65mm
Natural Lighting

For me sunsets make me pensive and are thought provoking. I'm back to Brandi's moments in life. When the sun is setting that means that day is done, over. I sometimes ask myself what have I done this day? Did I make a difference for somebody, spend enough time with my family, tell the people that need to hear how much I love them? Did I do what God wanted me to do this day? Maybe you think these same things, maybe not. Maybe you just sit back and enjoy the moment of watching a sunset with your family and just enjoy its beauty.

My connection to Scott's is in the color red and moments with family. My family and I all watched this sunset together down in Key Largo, enjoying each others company (though my son had been pretty bratty this particular day as well). I hope everybody had a chance or gets a chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset with their family as well.


  1. That is just wonderful Sere. Thank you for sharing this with us.