Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tribute of Sorts

We here at 3C1D are a family. We're definitely a little dysfunctional but we share a common interest. And more importantly we are joined through friendship and love of life. Tonight, we are hurting. As Brandi mentioned, her husband is battling a terminal illness. Today he lost his fight and has passed away. The world is a little more gray now and I find myself at a complete loss. He was an uncommonly good person, a fantastic father, a loving husband, and an extremely loyal friend. We will all miss him a great deal.

If you care to offer condolences for Brandi, you can certainly leave them here. But you can also visit Brandi's personal blog here and read more about the extraordinary Witt family and all that they've been through.

Brandi, you are an amazing woman. And you have an incredible family. We are thankful that you've chosen to share your family with us and we're better for it. I've decided to post one of yours tonight. It's already been seen here on 3C1D but it just feels right. I hope that's okay.

Scott, we'll miss you buddy. More than you know.

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