Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sit, Stay, Good Boy!

Nikon D40
f 5.3
ISO 800

Seriously, Fish are not stupid and this one is mean! This is a stunning fish and I have forty thousand crappy shots to prove it. Fittingly, the snake in the grass is the shot I chose. I went back and forth FORTY THOUSAND times between shots trying to choose between color and composition. This won.
I used my kitchen spot lights on dimmers, a few swear words (Can fish hear?), and my new camera... YEAH! I took tons of shots and ended up with less than a handful. Fish just keep on swimming and water distorts our focus and I'm blind as a bat! This was challenging to say the least.
My tie is that the fish and dog are both alive and each have two eyes... I can't even say they're both mammals.
Going to bed now.
Have a great Sunday!

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