Friday, August 20, 2010

Home bound and looking around....

Shutter speed 1/500
Aperture f 5.6
Focal length 52.00
ISO speed 160

Interesting thoughts came to mind, so many disappointing shots got thrown out.
This was taken through our deck railing slats. It's a bit predictable. At first I tried while laying on my back with the clear blue skies as a backdrop. Not cool enough to post. I'm a girl. I love the green back ground and the rosy crown shaped flower. (Thanks Scott) There are always beautiful things to see even if our world is in our back yard. Late bloomers are a gift.

Shutter speed 1/160
Aperture f 9.0
Focal length 55.00
ISO speed 400

Digging deep...
I was trying to get a reflective shot off of my boys eye. Again, not spectacular but worth playing with. Next time I'll align him with more sun and have more time to shine him up and get rid of icky flies. If you look close you can see his own shadow.
Excuse my small photo size. I have changed the Html but I'm having troubles saving the photos at the correct size...


  1. Gorgeous! How much do I LOVE the horse eye. His shadow, your reflection and even the fly all frozen in time.
    The "rose" colored flower has such gorgeous crisp color that its just set on fire in the green grass bokah.
    I fixed the HTML for photo sizing :) Cranky HTML, I hate it.

  2. I Love the background of on your pink flower, such beautiful colors on the flower. It was kind of a lucky shot to catch the fly. A fixed moment in time. Good job!

  3. Very nice Jay'me! Great idea with the horses eye. I actually like that I see you (the photographer) in the reflection. And cropping it square was a nice touch.

    And don't you just love flowers? Natures beauty can't be beat!

  4. Thank you Scott,
    When you break it down their eye surrounding structures are square... if you paint it, so I went that way with the cropping. It felt natural.