Saturday, August 21, 2010

All the colors of the rainbow....

First before I post my picture today I would like to say that before this blog I would never have attempted this photo. I would have continued down my figurative road in life, looking around to FIND my next picture. I would not have tried to push myself into making my own picture. Having to blog every few days you can't always wait to find your next picture. You are forced(in a good way) into thinking creatively with what is around you. That can be a challenge for me because I don't necessarily think of myself as overly creative. So here you go, my post for the day....

Nikon D2x
Lens 70-210mm
Focal length 210mm
Aperture f4
Shutter 1/2000sec.
No Flash

This photo came about yesterday really. I knew that I would not have a lot of time to play today: I have two rowdy, rambunctious, sleep deprived 8 year olds to contend with. I also have a young family coming by to see my dogs and experience tells me they will want to chit chat, which I really do enjoy doing, it just takes up extra time.
Anyway back to my photo. I was mopping my kitchen floor, isn't that a fun job? When I noticed the morning light streaming through my living room window. At about the same time I happened to turn and spy a vase sitting on a counter. I immediately thought "sunlight, vase, water, rainbow." I knew that you could get that prism of color effect, especially since the vase had a floral design on it which could break up the light spectrum. My geeky science teacher training was rearing its head. Yep in another life I would have enjoyed being a middle school science teacher. I knew I only had a limited amount of time before the angle of the sun changed. So I left my floor half mopped and rushed to set up. I filled the vase with water, grabbed my tri-pod and lens. I moved the vase around several different places before BINGO my colors showed up. But I was still on my carpet, rough ground, so I ran to get a piece of white paper thinking it might help the colors to show up better, leaving my camera and very heavy lens dangling on my tri-pod. I also grabbed several different pieces of colored paper, just to experiment with. The white paper did help with my colors. I also noticed that when I put the colored paper behind the vase the extra color helped with the picture somehow. Off I went taking numerous shots before the light left.

My connection to Jay'me's photo is the vase and floral pattern, kind of loose I know. Also the pink colored paper worked the best like on her flower, with yellow being next.

My photo, I know is not quite as technically good as Scott's water droplet photo, or some of the other photos on this blog, but it goes to the spirit of what we're trying to do here. Both Scott and I used water, light and color to create our effects. This type of a picture also uses a different perspective for me, which actually kind of goes with Brandi's photo. How cool is it that I could make a connection to all three of our last posts?

So my final thought on this post is Go and Challenge yourself in life, see something from a different perspective, try something new that you aren't sure how to do. Even if it doesn't work out perfectly, you will be a better person for it.

You're up next Scott!


  1. You're opening paragraph says everything I've been trying to say for days. You have always been such a fantastic writer. I love the photo, the color swirl and the appearance of water distorted. Great capture. Way to make the photo happen! And way to procrastinate on the floor cleaning :)

  2. Hey, It's Christmas meets an icy spring feel. Poinsettias & candy cane swirls atop a sunny icy shimmering mass. Nice job on the cool soft rainbow. It's time to start pushing the envelope here too. I see what art can come from a little thought and play. Onward and upwards kids. It's time to get schooled by Scott huh girls?

  3. Bravo Sere! Way to challenge yourself to try something new and end up with a bunch of take aways including a very cool shot. Love it! It reminds me of a Kalaedascope.

  4. Excellent Sere! I'm going to have fun with this one. And I'm completely in love with your attitude about this whole thing - being forced in a good way to see things and try things. That's exactly how I feel and I'm addicted. Just ask Brandi - I can't stop talking about it! And I this pic is great! Such an abstract of light and water.

  5. Thanks Guys! I am so glad that you all are so supportive of my "experimentation." I hope that it encourages everybody to(if you need any extra encouragement)try things and post them, even if they aren't totally what you wanted. I know that part of this blog is to push ourselves and when you push yourself you move out of the "comfort zone" and that can be a little scary, I think. So it's great to have the support. Can't wait to see what you come up with Scott!

  6. Oh and Jay'me I absolutely LOVE the way you describe things!

    B-Ha, it doesn't take much for me to procrastinate on cleaning, any excuse will do.