Thursday, August 19, 2010

"The World Seen Through..."

..."Rose Colored Glasses"

Nikon d40
ISO 200

Boy, did I have a hard time following up on Scott's amazing water drop photo. The pressure was really turned on.
I spent the day doing different variations of the rose glasses but ultimately my husband helped me pick this one. To be honest, I'm not completely happy with any of them.
I believe it was about 10am when I texted Scott and cried that I needed a fish eye lens at f1.4. Considering this photo was taken around 745pm that's a long day spent attempting to fill some pretty big shoes.

I headed down to the lake by our house tonight, packing my tripod, my wireless remote, my camera, my rose glasses and some patience. I came home with my camera, my tripod and my rose glasses. My wireless remote and patience are both somewhere at the bottom of the lake.

As always, I had a blast, even when I was frustrated. I learned more taking this photo then I would have in a month worth of photos before starting this blog.

Can't wait to hear some feedback from all of you. I wonder what I could have done differently to really make this photo pop. Please give it to me straight, I have my big girl panties on and can handle it.



  1. I think this is awesome! And yes, I suppose a fish eye lens would have been great. Alas, the gear we don't have continues to be the bane or our existence! Still, the colors on this photo are lovely. And the choice of focus I think works too. It's as if your saying "I wear these glasses but my focus remains outward, toward the wide world in front of me." I love it. Well done B!

  2. Was just thinking - what if you made everything but the glasses and the lenses monochrome? It could really accentuate the "rose colored glasses" theme. Then again, it might suck. But I think it's worth a try. Especially with some of your other shots (I'm thinking Target). It'll be a pain in the butt because the edges of the glasses are blurred. Still, might want to give it a try. Alright, I'm done, I promise.

  3. @ Scott - don't be done! I love your input. The color selection idea crossed my mind but I just didn't have the patience left for editing. Remember my patience is at the bottom of the lake with the remote. :) Keep thinking and keep critiquing, I need the help.

  4. Neat idea, Tough to get.
    Maybe a rosey pair of big round "Janis Joplins" with the light metallic rims and the graduation from light pink to rose would have given you a less monochromatic silhouette look within the intended focus. You could then eliminate the outer edges.
    Here we have an oxymoron...
    When we think of rosey colored glasses we think of them enhancing our view of the world like early "blue blockers". The glasses here are on the other end of the spectrum and give us a "Black and white(red)" photo that you needed to include the lovely blue foreground in to add some pop and interest. Mother nature could have given you a blue shy, that would h ave been nice... B%$#*.

    That being said the silhouette is cool because you know you're looking at trees but you feel like you're seeing the mirage of a city. That alone with the nice colors makes it work.
    Sorry you had a rough time at the lake, it paid off well for you.

    Okay, I have my work cut out for me, wish me luck.
    I look at photos much better than I take them.

  5. Brandi,
    I love the perspective of your photo! The glasses are fuzzy and out of focus but the water is nice and clear. I have always loved how water has different shades of color on it, in this case it starts as a blue, blue and then fades off into white. Sorry about your equipment loss that stinks! but you got a good picture out of it :0)!