Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah.....

Last day before school begins so we decided to head out to check out some surrounding parks and prayed we didn't get rained on. I packed up my tri-pod and a few lens, flash and diffuser figured it couldn't hurt. So we're walking around on some trails and I've got my camera out just kind of shooting some snapshots. Trying to figure out what I was going to take a picture of for this blog. Sounds like a nice day all around so far.....

Until I went to set my tri-pod up to get a shot of us together using my timer and realized that I didn't have the thingie that connected my camera to the tri-pod. Drat!!! There goes that idea. Then I went to turn my camera back on and CRAP nothing! Absolutely nothing would turn on. So I'm freaking out wondering if I somehow broke my camera, beginning to hyper-ventilate. I'm sure you guys understand this. On top of the fact that now I'm getting upset because I am without camera to use, which is like losing an appendange you get my drift? And then it started to rain. Off we went running to the car. Taking deep breathes I decided that we would go and get ice cream. I WILL not let this ruin our last hurrah of summer before school begins. So we went to get ice cream and then proceeded to head back out to play in the rain and in the stream, sans camera and had a blast. All that to say that I did not get many pictures today, but this is one that I thought might work for today's blog.

Nikon D2x
Lens 50mm fixed
Aperture F5.6
Shutter 1/125 second
ISO 400
I played with this picture in raw format, zoomed in a ton and put a midnight filter on it to enhance the water droplets on the flower.

Oh and by the way it was my battery, camera is alright. The battery which had enough life in it most have been bad because it just died out of the blue. New battery and my baby is like new. Takes deep breath and thanks God.

I'm kind of a portrait photographer by nature so when I saw this picture I wanted to share it with you all as well.

Apeture F1.8
Shutter 1/160 sec.
ISO 400
Did nothing, straight out of the camera.


  1. I had to keep this shot at s400 otherwise it was cutting into the writing on the righthand side here. My aspect was a square.

  2. Beautiful job Sere! I can tell you, as Scott and I stood in my kitchen tonight reading this post (his family was over for dinner with my family) both of us were sweating as we read about your camera problems.
    So, glad everything is fine. Talk about panic.
    The picture of CJ is fantastic. He looks so mature, makes me want to cry. He's just a baby in my mind.
    Can't believe it's back to school already. Sigh, I'm not ready, this summer has been too much fun. But the fall pictures... those I'm ready for!

  3. Nice stuff Sere. Like a pro, just beautiful. I already want to change my bathroom color scheme for the 16x20 I'm ordering of the "Refreshing Droplets"

    I now know what true camera envy is. Before it was just something Brandi spoke of. I get it!

  4. Brandi- I am definately ready for the fall pictures! I love the fall season, it's pretty much my favorite season.

    Jay'me- It's the lens I think. Research and invest in some good lens and I think that it does wonders for the pictures you take, especially if you have a decent SLR camera.