Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Likes Metal

I prefer leather.

Nikon D40
ISO 400
Focal length 50mm

Spent a quick bit of time away. It was so refreshing. I went away to my happy place and came home sane once again.
I walked through 30acres of beautiful wooded, hilly, countryside. Taking in all the sites, smells and silence. Pure golden silence.
I stumbled upon a tree bridge. At first glance I was a little daunted by the amount of moss covering the tree thinking to myself "That's a lot of moss and that is a 7foot deep creek bed I could fall into."
Every photographer knows what happened next. I climbed across the mossy tree. Wanting a shot more than I cared for my safety. Of course, the only decent light was more than half way across the tree.
Why can't anything ever be easy?

This photo is straight out of the camera. I did nothing to it. Considering I had the camera perilously balanced on the mossy tree, working with nothing but my auto-timer and some good luck I was pretty pleased.

And Scott, if you're going to take a shot of a field you should try taking the shot from 4000feet above ground, out a small plane window.

f5.0 - I wish I had made this more like f10 but...what's a girl to do
ISO 200
focal length 24mm

Jay'me's up next ladies and gentleman. Get ready for a real treat.


  1. Awesome photo Brandi. The light in particular is outstanding. Furthermore, your depth of field is very good with the bokeh just right. I love it! And I think you should call the maker of those boots and inform them you have the next advertisement photo.

  2. Brandi- nice shots. I'm going to second Scott in saying the boots photo is ad worthy. The first thing that came to mind was the back cover of a Cabela's catalog. Very nice.
    Also, I'll never get tired of great photos from airplanes. Neat perspective on the clouds.
    I know what some of you might be thinking..."Hey, that's not fair getting comments from your husband!" I say (A) it's not like you're having a contest to see who gets the most comments and (B) they're great photos. Hice job Babe!

  3. Love the boot photo! You did awesome with an auto timer. That is a good ad photo. And by the way your lens is also one of Nikon's top (slightly less expensive lens) as well. I might have to buy your lens as well at some point. I love that you crawled across a tree to get the shot. I totally get why you did :0). Like the clouds on your second photo as well. Nice! Can't wait to see what Jay'me does.