Monday, August 16, 2010

Something Organic is FALLing upon us.....

The leaves are turning???

My mums are popping...

My annuals are fading...

& YES, the sky is falling everywhere...

I too have officially broke the rules and lost my mind (insert wicked laugh)
I know quantity never replaces quality, but YOU PEOPLE have pushed my right to the edge. I have been playing with my depth of field, and flash and Holy crap I can't do anything better than the old auto setting on my camera.
Well, I do love leather and work with steel; my heart is in all things growing outside.
Sorry to all of you wanting your socks knocked off. I hope you were wearing flip flops on this wonderful day anyway. I did shoot the moon as she was hanging around all day today but didn't include her in the over populated post.
I'm ready for a group outing....


  1. Jay'mers, you are such the rebel. You naughty, naughty girl.
    You got great examples of DOF, especially in 2 and 4. You know more than you think ;)
    Group outing is a must!

  2. This is why I need a new camera!!! Mine would have focused on the green background and thought the fading blooms were not the item to be captured! Awesome job...of course you know this is a sign that football season is near ;)...couldn't help myself!

  3. Just a little side note,
    Our Dude has no dudes. Did someone shave them off?

  4. Great shots! Love pic 3, you got great color in that one.