Monday, February 21, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys....

And I had 2 of them over at my house today, well 3 if you count my husband, wait, make that 7, if you include a couple of nephews and such out working. Well you get what I mean when I say that I am surrounded by boys :). It is kind of gross outside and wet. What does wet outside mean to boys??? Can anybody guess? Maybe my picture today will give you a little bit of a hint.

Nikon D90
Aperture F/5.6
Shutter 1/40 sec.
No Flash

Brandi was out at a work site in her shot and I have a work site right here in my front yard. Now the older boys aren't to keen on me walking around taking pictures while they work, but the younger boys had no problem with it. I'm not a huge mud person, but I have to say that today was the PERFECT mud day and I allowed my inner tomboy child free for a bit. And my boots looked as bad as the boys boots did!

How do you let your inner child free?


  1. MUD!! I love MUD! More than any grown adult female should. I take comfort in knowing that right now my "boots" are in my car and completely, totally, irrevocably coated in mud.

    Great job getting down and dirty to get your shot.

  2. Haha why does that not surprise me :)? Course mine are too, stuck in my garage until a warm, springy day where I can pound it all off before getting them muddy again.