Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Troubled Waters

Cannon Rebel XT
f 5.6
ISO 500

This shot is straight off the the old camera and only cropped.

I found an enchanted place that is apparently FORBIDDEN as well... Someone got in trouble and freaked out a home owner today. See, little miss me thought I was still on the conservation. So there I was on my belly taking this shot when Maddie says "Mommy someone is here". Someone was there & boy was he pissed! He saw Maddie standing there (exactly like I told her) seemingly all by herself while I was down at the waters edge out of sight. He came racing down to "save" her before she took a swim. I guess his adrenalin rush made him a little cranky... As he stood there yelling "What the hell are you doing?" I thought Smile and make nice nice. As soon as said I thought this beautiful land was conservation and I was a photo blogger in the area. He yelled "That's on the other side of the street!" I apologized profusely for scaring him. I quickly made small talk and he softened right up. (Thank you Mr, Angry Guy for not calling the cops).
I have no real tie in with yesterday. I was going to go black and white, but like the photo as is.

Have a great day you all, & remember be sneakier while shooting that perfect shot or you may end up in a mug shot.


  1. Lol! Great story! Your tie in is the water. Only you have way more of it than Scott did. Now I am going back to sleep.

  2. Nice shot. Seems to me it was worth the trouble!

  3. I love the reflection you captured in the water. Very nice!
    :) Sere

  4. I think it's fantastic that you were chased away. That's something that would happen to me! Well done!

  5. Making Maddie be your look out while you commit crimes.... tsk, tsk, tsk. Bring me! I'll be your look out!

    Great job Jay'me. Maybe we should start a bail money fund that we all have access to, just in case.

  6. Bail money fund for 3c1d sounds like a good idea. I like your thinking... Just think of the crazy shots we'll get while we shoot with reckless abandon, knowing our band of bloggers will rescue us from jail !

  7. I agree on the bail money thing. I have a feeling we might all be dipping into it at some point haha.