Thursday, February 24, 2011

Icy Cold

Scott is not able to make it today so you guys get me! We have all sorts of switches going on at 3C1D. But hey that is why we stay flexible around here. I had to laugh when I read Jay'me's post from yesterday because getting this shot I had some "fun" things happen to me as well.

Nikon D2X
Aperture F/7.1
Shutter 1/60 sec.
38mm but I zoomed in and cropped
No Flash, Aperture Priority

I took this picture down the road from my house outside of Nauvoo Illinois at a small waterfall they have. I had wanted to practice taking some ice shots. I got the picture home knowing I was probably going to be changing the picture to black and white. I tried my bi-color filters and just kind of liked how it looked.

Taking pictures in chilly weather is a bit of an experiment as to what works and what doesn't. I took both my cameras with two different lens on them as well so I wouldn't have to be changing lens out in the cold. Now obviously waterfalls fall into streams and/or small pools so I had to walk gingerly across these icy pools and streams to get close enough to my waterfall. I had to slide down and/or gingerly climb down a small hillside as well, caring both my cameras and praying to God that I didn't drop or bang them against something. I tried to stay as close to the edge as I could, which is usually safer. Everything went quite well until I had finished my picture taking. I was getting cold and wanting to head back to my car. Wouldn't you know it, that is when I stepped on a soft spot in the ice and my foot fell into several inches of icy cold water. Brrrr!! My supposedly waterproof boots, well they weren't so waterproof.

So there you have it, my connection to Jay'me is in the ice and in the story behind it. What we won't do to get a picture for all you folks to enjoy! Would love to hear any of your stories about crazy things that happened to while getting that "perfect" shot.

Not sure who is up tomorrow, but I am outta here for tonight.


  1. Wow. You guys are SO BRAVE. And agile. Great water and ice shots and great "intrepid photographer" tales.

  2. These water shots may be the end of us! I love how it looks sepia like. The other shot I had a hard time choosing from looked black and white on the left of the photo and full color on the right ! It looked like a special effect was done to it! The one posted had a better composition. I'll have to send you the other shots, since the ice formations float your boat too!!!

  3. Nice one Sere. It's funny, I don't think I could find ice right now but you chicks certainly had no trouble.

  4. I can totally see this happening to you! The things we'll do for the right shot. I love the contrast of the ice and running water. Seeing the moving water makes me think spring. Don't try to correct that, just let me live in delusional land. It's happy here.