Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday with no face

We're all kinds of messed up over here on 3C1D. People are posting for other people, dogs and cats are living together, two of our contributors are trying to get arrested, anarchy. Total anarchy.

To add to that, I give you Friday Faces with out the face.

It's been such a nutty week (maybe that whole full moon theory is true), I set out today to take some pictures and completely didn't think about it being Friday. Heck, I thought Scott was going to be posting when I shot this picture.
Doesn't matter what day it is. Some times you just have to chill.

Nikon d40 kit lens @46mm
aperture f/6.3
shutter speed 1/500sec
ISO 800 - because I'm an idiot

I took this standing on the second floor of an open building still under construction. Standing on nothing but iced deck steel with this handsome little cable keeping me from slipping and sliding off the edge. I was fine Mom (and Kim). Click here to see some other pictures that I've taken from this location in somewhat better weather conditions.
I guess I don't really have to tell you the connection. Call it ice or call it getting in to trouble while taking photos. Either way, I'm loving it.

Someone will be posting a photo tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it will be the resident Dude.
Happy Friday everyone~



  1. Love it B. Hmmm...three pictures with water. What to do what to do...

  2. Love the drip almost coming off! Good shot!

  3. Brandi, that is fabulous! I don't know why, but it moves me.